This site is intended to showcase my various technical and visual services and give you glimpses into my daily visual interests and creations.

I graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Fine Arts & English, and also hold certificates in Mandarin Chinese from the Hangzhou Art Academy and Multimedia Studies from the University of British Columbia.

My work:

  • I’ve worked in many aspects of illustration and design, including branding, print, web, UI, and display.
  • Regarding the written word, I’ve written and edited countless brochures, newsletters, whitepapers, blog posts, transcripts, and others…
  • I’ve been drawing caricatures for parties since 1997, and am available for on-site as well as commissioned caricatures. Check out my Caricature website, SarahDrawsACrowd.com. You can see a sampling of my work in the Caricatures section of my website.
  • I have managed inbound and outbound marketing campaigns of varying sizes as well.
  • Hobby-wise, I really enjoy cooking and have been doing a lot of sewing recently as well. Check out my sewing creations on the Crafts section of my website.

Hailing originally from Colorado, I have since lived nearer to the Pacific Ocean, in Seattle, California, China, and now Vancouver Canada.

Please contact me if you would like further information about my services, and thanks for looking!


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